Websites & Portals

We develop websites and portals with all important content management systems

We have been developing websites and portals for various customers for over 10 years. Our focus is on the optimal implementation of a CMS, an appealing design and the fastest and most efficient maintenance processes possible. We pay particular attention to the topics of conversion, in order to turn visitors into customers, as well as search engine optimization, in order to reach more visitors without an increased marketing budget.

Search engine optimization
For search engine optimization, we mainly focus on clean implementation, a perfect mobile experience and high speed in delivering your website to the end customer. In addition to the content of your page, these factors are decisive for success at Google and Co.

Conversion – turn visitors into customers
Our expertise in the field of conversion comes from many years of experience with large and small websites and portals, where we were able to gather a lot of knowledge and make it usable for our customers.

Efficient online processes
In the case of multilingual pages, different editors, personalization and connection to ERP systems, the topic of efficient processes is particularly important, as the correct implementation of workflows results in considerable savings and makes work easier.

Good divisibility in social networks
“Shareability” is an indicator of how happy users are to share your content, or how easy it is to share the content. We attach great importance to optimal divisibility in social networks, as this allows you to maximize your reach without using additional funds. In particular, your social media editors and customers will thank you!

What do the websites and portals we have implemented look like?


Your opportunities to inspire with websites and portals

Websites and portals are extremely exciting projects that can offer your customers real added value with a multitude of variables. The combination with usability and crowd testing makes agile projects for developing websites and portals challenging and technologically demanding projects.

Interesting content on websites and porals

How do we make your website or portal project a success?

We master the conception of fast and maintainable websites and portals

From our many years of experience with different software environments, programming languages and end devices, we know how fast, intuitive and user-centered websites and portals work and which key points are relevant for success. We not only use sophisticated planning processes, but also often work with functional mockups that enable the design and conception to be tested on a real prototype at an early stage.

Wir prüfen das Projekt frühzeitig im geschlossenen Crowdtesting

Mithilfe von Tests unter Realbedingungen mit echten Menschen in einem geschlossenen Ecosystem können wir schnell validieren, ob Annahmen aus Beratung, Konzeption, Design und Entwicklung sich so auf den Projekterfolg auswirken, wie dies gewünscht ist. Diese frühzeitige Validierung verhilft Projekten zu einem optimalen Start und vermindert die Fehlinvestition von Marketingbudgets aufgrund von Fehlern in UX oder Entwicklung.

We have the technical expertise for your website or portal project

In addition to HTML5, JavaScript, CSS / SASS and Java, we also use a number of content management systems as the basis for websites and portals. We have built up the technological expertise here in recent years, but of course we are also looking at new tools and approaches in order to use the best and most efficient setup for our web development.

Wir betreuen kein Projekt – wir betreuen Sie auf dem Weg zu Ihrem Erfolg

We don’t just implement your website or portal, we pay attention to the correct alignment of the platform and long-term target achievement. Suchmaschinenoptimierung, die Überwachung von Responsezeiten und regelmäßige Auswertungen des Besucherverhaltens sind essenziell, um erfolgreiche Onlineprojekte durchzuführen.

We know the core elements of successful development projects

We analyze our own and successful third-party websites and portals in order to identify the cornerstones of successful development. This helps us to make well-founded, objective decisions in consulting, conception, design and implementation. This validation of projects using benchmarks and statistics makes it easier for everyone involved to carry out a successful online project without losing sight of the actual goal.

Wir verstehen Zielsetzungen sowohl aus kreativer und technischer Sicht als auch aus der Perspektive Ihres Geschäfts

Wir bilden Projektteams aus unseren und Ihren Mitarbeitern so, dass wir den optimalen Output für Erfolg, Qualität und Effektivität des Projekts erreichen. Für uns bedeutet dies, dass Beratung und Konzeption dauerhaft im Projektteam sind, damit wir gemeinsam das optimale Ergebnis erreichen können.

“We understand objectives from a creative and technical point of view as well as from the perspective of your business”

– Till Neitzke, Chief Executive Officer