Electricity Tariff


  • Client: SMA Solar Technology AG
  • Configurator for the best electricity tariff in the user’s region
  • Application line for solar power
  • Industry: Energy sector
  • Suitable for any industry
  • Usable in B2B or B2C

There are many good reasons to change your electricity supplier, not only from an economical standpoint, but also from an environmental perspective.

In order to change electricity providers, interested parties first have to do research and then provide a lot of often unknown personal information in order to get the new tariff. The cancellation rate in booking processes is thus usually increased.

To overcome these difficulties, we developed an intuitive tariff configurator for our customer SMA Solar, which determines the best tariff without requiring extensive information, and enables the contract conclusion in just a few steps.



When creating a tariff configurator for any kind of product or service users are often overwhelmed with the choices and results:

Many users are requested to enter information they do not know. The results produce mostly offer different options to choose from, which leads to a higher process exit rate.

The conclusion of the contract usually leads through third party websites and causes insecurity.



If you take a closer look at the customer motives, it quickly becomes clear that a fast and uncomplicated process is desired. For this reason, we have developed a completely digital process (end-to-end customer journey) together with SMA in order to make the application process as efficient as possible.

Since many customers do not know their amount of annual kw/h usage, we offered the option to simply chose the number of persons living in the households and enter their postal code for the calculation.

The Integration of an online shop enabled the conclusion of the contract on the same website with simple questions and explanatory information boxes for a more user friendly experience.



Our electricity configurator enabled potential clients to easily calculate their best tariff available in their region without technical knowledge and without requiring too much personal information.

The users are now able to conclude a new contract within only five steps and without being redirected to another website. The smooth process lowered sudden user exits within the booking process and therefore led to an increase of concluded contracts.

The self-explanatory usage contributed to a better user experience (UX) and reduced the amount of support requests.


  • Integration of the customer portal
  • Frontend: React
  • Backend: .NET/C#/MSSQL
  • Application route as a modular system
  • Flexible Middleware for the requirements of current and future application routes

Key Results

  • End-to-end customer journey with an intuitive and trustworthy usage
  • Optimal usability also on mobile devices
  • Integration of the connection line avoided unpleasant redirections to other websites for the Calculation or conclusion of a contract

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