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In the age of ad blockers, online advertising is a lot more complex than it used to be. In addition to digital banners in HTML5, social media, chatbots, influencers and newsletters are further components of successful campaigns. Of course, landing pages are still extremely important to maximize visitor conversion. AdGames, competitions and surveys are exciting for optimal address generation and social apps for increased user interaction – but all in all, the area of digital advertising media has become much broader and successful digital campaigns consist of more and more individual components. With good data maintenance and interesting content, newsletters can be used to reactivate existing customers perfectly and thus generate initial interest in new campaigns.

We develop digital advertising media of all kinds. Whether virtual reality ads, landing pages, newsletters and ad games for all relevant platforms, the most important of which are certainly smartphones, tablets and desktop browsers, but smart TVs and VR headsets are also playing an increasingly important role. We use our many years of expertise in the areas of innovation, user guidance and technology to make digital campaigns even more successful.

This is what games and entertainment look like


How they can inspire with digital games and entertainment

Online Games offer a multitude of exciting application scenarios in advertising campaigns and, if implemented correctly, you will inspire your customers and get more performance for the same advertising budget. This involves casual games, serious games, e-learning experiences.

We have put together the most important application scenarios and ideas for digital advertising material in our info box. If you want additional ideas, please just contact us.

Examples of good digital advertising media with gamification

How do we make your games project a success?

We have mastered the development of digital advertising media

Since 2006 we have been producing digital advertising media optimized for reach and as of 2017 we have already produced over 500,000 advertising media that billions of people have seen and clicked. This experience, combined with constantly updated technical know-how, distinguishes us in the development of digital advertising media of all kinds.

We check the project at an early stage in closed crowd testing

With the help of A / B and smoke tests under real conditions with real people in a closed ecosystem, we can quickly validate whether the advertising material is being received as we predicted. This early validation helps advertising material get off to an optimal start and there are no marketing effects due to errors in UX or customer approach.

We have the technical expertise for your project

In addition to HTML (5) and JavaScript, we also use WebGL and, in the future, WebVR as the technical basis of our digital advertising material. We have built up the technical expertise for all of the platforms mentioned in recent years and are also looking at new frameworks and options such as WebVR or Apple’s ARKit.

We do not supervise a project, we support you on the way to your success

We don’t just implement a project 1-to-1, we work towards your individual goals. This also means that we check new ideas from development and design that emerge in the course of the project for relevance in order to find the optimal solution for your objectives. This approach ensures you and us a high degree of creativity and innovation with maximum quality.

We know the core elements of all successful ad game, banner and newsletter projects

We analyze our own and successful third-party ad game, banner and newsletter projects in order to identify the cornerstones of successful advertising media and make them usable for you. This helps us to make well-founded decisions in consulting, conception, design and implementation. This objective validation of projects using benchmarks and statistics makes it easier for everyone involved to carry out a successful project without losing sight of the goal.

We understand objectives from a creative and technical point of view as well as from the perspective of your business

We form project teams from our people and yours, so that we achieve the optimal output for the success, quality and effectiveness of the project. For us this means that consultants and conception are permanently in the project team, otherwise we cannot achieve the optimal result together. The entire project team is expedient for an analysis, particularly when it comes to evaluating the test results.

“We understand objectives from a creative and technical point of view as well as from the perspective of your business”

– Till Neitzke, Chief Executive Officer


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