Augmented Reality (AR)

We develop augmented reality applications for mobile, web and AR glasses such as the Hololens

Augmented Reality (AR) applications have been around for a number of years and with modern smartphones and new devices such as Microsoft’s Hololens, augmented reality has also become available to customers outside of applications. Augmented Reality offers a variety of ways to inspire business partners and customers.

With AR solutions, we always start with the consultation, because, as with virtual reality applications, planning, conception and iterative pre-testing of the concept are essential for augmented reality applications. Often, AR applications fail because the solution is accepted by the consumer. This effect can be prevented by an agile project flow, which takes place in close cooperation between design, concept and technology, as well as the integration of crowd tests, which ensure that normal users of the desired target group also see the application as added value and enjoy using it.

In principle, the objective should always be clear when developing augmented reality applications. Because this is how it is decided whether show effects or information, business or pleasure, high reach or the exact target group play the more important role. AR applications offer advantages especially when it comes to video production, showcases, conveying complex information and the often underestimated point of sharing attractiveness.

The connection between the person’s current environment and virtual content results in automatic personalization, which in many cases increases the incentive to share in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – if implemented properly.

What do augmented reality applications look like?


Your possibilities to inspire with augmented reality projects

Augmented reality offers a multitude of exciting application scenarios that offer real added value for the customer and make it easier for you to convey complex information in an understandable and convincing way.

We have put together the most important application scenarios and ideas for augmented reality in our info box. If you want more advanced ideas, just contact us.

From our point of view, the greatest advantage of augmented reality is that you have undreamt-of possibilities to combine real and virtual worlds. Be it face recognition that automatically places cat ears on the head, sunglasses or shoes that you can try on virtually at home, furniture that you can try out in an empty apartment weeks before buying, or a customer service to be able to carry out complex self-service actions directly with the help of augmented reality.

These are just the simplest application examples for consumers, but also the areas of indoor navigation, complex warehousing, the introduction of new employees or occupational safety issues can be implemented perfectly and user-centered with the help of augmented reality.

Areas of application for augmented reality at a glance:

  • Product visualizations
  • Self service
  • Navigation
  • Warehousing
  • Training of employees
  • Interior decoration, furnishing
  • Configurators
  • Remote maintenance
  • Entertainment, games

Examples of augmented reality

As soon as you have complex information, multi-layered issues, or visually exciting topics where customers or employees have tablets or smartphones nearby, it’s worth considering whether AR can make it easier to use.

How do we make your augmented reality project a success?

We master the conception of mixed reality environments

From our many years of experience with augmented reality, virtual reality environments and computer vision projects, we know how storytelling and information transfer can be implemented in an appealing and effective manner for the user. We not only use sophisticated conception tools, but also often work with functional mockups that experience the design and conception of a real version at an early stage.

We check the project at an early stage in closed crowd testing

With the help of tests under real conditions with real people in a closed ecosystem, we can quickly validate whether assumptions from consulting, conception, design and development have the desired effect on the success of the project. This early validation helps projects get off to an optimal start and there are no marketing effects due to errors in UX or development.

We have the technical expertise for your augmented reality project

In addition to Unity, Vuforia, ARToolKit and NyARToolkit, we also use OpenCV as the technical basis of our AR apps. We have built up the technological expertise for all of the platforms mentioned in recent years and are also looking at new frameworks and options, such as Apple’s ARKit.

We do not supervise a project, we support you on the way to your success

We don’t just implement a project 1-to-1, but work towards your individual goals. This also means that we check new ideas from development and design that emerge in the course of the project for relevance in order to find the optimal solution for your objectives. This approach ensures you and us a high degree of creativity and innovation with maximum quality.

We know the core elements of all successful augmented reality projects

We analyze our own and successful third-party augmented reality projects in order to identify the cornerstones of successful apps. This helps us to make well-founded decisions in consulting, conception, design and implementation. This objective validation of projects using benchmarks and statistics makes it easier for everyone involved to carry out a successful project without losing sight of the goal.

We understand objectives from a creative and technical point of view as well as from the perspective of your business

We form project teams from our own and yours in such a way that we achieve the optimal output for the success, quality and effectiveness of the project. For us this means that consultants and conception are permanently in the project team, otherwise we cannot achieve the optimal result together.

“We understand objectives from a creative and technical point of view as well as from the perspective of your business”

– Till Neitzke, Chief Executive Officer


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