Smart To PlanAR App & Web App


  • Client & Partner: LUMA Landscape United Measurement App GmbH
  • AR iOS & Android Application and Web Application
  • Outdoor Measurement App with Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Outstanding accuracy & performance

This augmented reality (AR) app and web application utilises AR to make labour-intensive work efficient and accurate. While the iOS & Android application speeds up the manual measurement of outdoor premises and reduces human errors, the web application guarantees that any data will be instantly and optimally synchronised for further editing and sharing with other parties, such as colleagues or clients.



Measurements by hand are laborious, time-consuming, outdated, and error-prone. Moreover, the documentation of the project and client data is an additional point that can cause frustration. This not only applies to the storage of information, but also the continuation of work, especially when several parties are involved and results have to be shared. Hence, we aspired to develop a quick, efficient, and easy-to-use solution.

Thus, we decided to develop an AR app and an additional web app. We faced many challenges, such as ensuring the scale and accuracy of the measurements with the highest possible performance, as well as intuitive and convenient use on different devices.

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We developed a reliable measurement app, that reduces workloads, and one that scores with customers thanks to its speed and precision.

Customer and project management made easy – with the WebApp, projects can also be created directly from the office. Additionally, in the app, we offered the possibility to import data from the web app through the browser.

Through immediate synchronisation with the app, new work orders can be edited and transferred back to the office in real-time, keeping all involved parties up to date.



The development of the solution offers a complete package that increases the time and cost efficacy. The outstanding accuracy and performance of the app promise to deliver the best results for both users and their clients.

While the AR app is available for download on both Apple’s AppStore and Android’s Google Play store for measurements on the go, the connected web application enables the convenient connection of project and client data through the web browser.

Instant synchronization makes sure that real-time data is always available from all devices and all locations.


  • Augmented Reality iOS & Android app for smartphone & tablet and a connected web app
  • Development of the web application in React for outstanding performance
  • AR app: garden measuring, accurate calibration, as well as the administration of clients & project details for the best possible documentation
  • Web app: user administration, online administration for scans & export of measurement results

Key Results

  • Innovative AR iOS & Android app for garden and landscape projects
  • Instant synchronization of the AR app & web app for efficient project management
  • Highest performance & accuracy of the measurement in augmented reality
  • Convenient tracking of measurements, project & client data, as well as additional information, such as voice recordings, photographs, notes, and more

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