Virtual Reality

We develop virtual reality applications for production, sales, trade fairs, marketing and research

Our focus in virtual reality development is the implementation of 3D worlds and interactive applications, such as eLearning, configurators, sales applications and product simulations. For our customers we develop innovative and convincing VR applications for all headsets and end devices, both wired platforms such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive as well as for wireless platforms such as Oculus Go / Quest.

Thanks to our rapid prototyping approach, we can very quickly provide prototypes of VR environments that can be validated and tested in closed test groups and internal specialist departments. It is precisely this rapid prototyping approach in development that ensures successful VR applications that delight end customers, employees and business partners.

What do virtual reality applications look like?

Your possibilities to inspire with virtual reality apps

Virtual Reality offers a multitude of exciting application scenarios that offer real added value for customers and make it easier for you to convey complex scenarios in an understandable and convincing manner.

We develop virtual reality applications for production, sales, trade fairs, marketing and research

We have put together the most important application scenarios and ideas of virtual reality for you below.
If you want more advanced ideas, just contact us.

Product marketing

We make products tangible, whether individual car configurations, high-quality watches or entire real estate projects. We digitize your products and let the customer experience the product in a suitable virtual reality environment.


We develop VR games for all major platforms, for use at POS or trade shows as well as for the Internet and a use at home.


Use virtual reality to make simulations tangible. We use VR simulations, for example, for citizen participation in construction projects or to be able to completely test complex production sites before construction begins.

Sales support

VR makes it possible for customers to experience your product quickly, easily and emotionally. Support sales processes and help your customers understand the benefits of your products and properties.

Examples of convincing virtual reality applications

We make products tangible, be it individual car configurations, high-quality watches or entire real estate projects. We digitize your products and let the customer experience the product in a suitable virtual reality environment.

How do we make your virtual reality project a success?

We master the conception of mixed reality environments

From our many years of experience with virtual reality environments and computer vision projects, we know how storytelling and information transfer can be implemented in an appealing and effective manner for the user. We not only use sophisticated conception tools, but also often work with functional mockups that experience the design and conception of a real version at an early stage.

We check the project at an early stage in closed crowd testing

With the help of tests under real conditions with real people in a closed ecosystem, we can quickly validate whether assumptions from consulting, conception, design and development have the desired effect on the success of the project. This early validation helps projects get off to an optimal start and there are no marketing effects due to errors in UX or development.

We have the technical expertise for your VR project

In addition to Unity and Vuforia, we also use native development as the technical basis of our virtual reality apps. We have built up the technological expertise for all platforms mentioned in recent years and are also looking at new frameworks and possibilities at any time.

We do not supervise a project, we support you on the way to your success

We don’t just implement a project, we work in an agile manner in all projects in order to optimally achieve your individual goals. This also means that we check new ideas from development and design that emerge in the course of the project for relevance in order to find the optimal solution for your objectives. This approach ensures you and us a high degree of creativity and innovation with maximum quality.

We know the core elements of all successful VR projects

We analyze our own and successful third-party virtual and mixed reality projects in order to identify the cornerstones of successful apps. This helps us to make well-founded decisions in consulting, conception, design and implementation. This objective validation of projects using benchmarks and statistics makes it easier for everyone involved to carry out a successful project without losing sight of the goal.

We understand objectives from both a creative and technical perspective, as well as your business perspective

We form project teams from our people and yours in such a way that we achieve the optimal output for the success, quality and effectiveness of the project. For us this means that consultants and conception are permanently in the project team, otherwise we cannot achieve the optimal result together.

“We understand objectives from a creative and technical point of view as well as from the perspective of your business”

– Till Neitzke, Chief Executive Officer


An example for a project in the area of virtual reality

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HELLA Virtual Reality Sales Tool

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Virtual Reality Publishing DMG Studio

DMG Studio is a software to prepare three-dimensional files such as CAD-files for Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality Devices.

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