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How to Metaverse 1

How to select the right Metaverse platform?

Businesses are keenly framing their strategy to transition their business into the metaverse. The metaverse platform is the main tool to build excellent brand recognition in the metaverse. The metaverse platform needs to have specific tools, features and characteristics to make it easy for businesses to run their brand seamlessly in the virtual world. This article will help you understand what services a metaverse platform needs to provide and how businesses can smoothly establish their presence in the metaverse.

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Social Commerce 4

Social Commerce: What do brands need to know?

Social commerce is a new-age e-commerce experience that integrates social media experience, video shopping and influencers. Brands can now identify their target audience in social media, and allow them to find, interact, explore their content and guide them to purchases directly on the social media platform, instead of redirecting them to their official merchant website or other e-commerce platforms. This article will help brands understand social commerce, how social media platforms support it, and what it could mean to the brands’ growth. 

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End of Lifetime: The Importance of Upgrading TYPO3 CMS Version 8 before it is too late

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AR & VR Post Covid-19: What’s New Normal?

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What is the Metaverse?

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Project insight: the measurement app smart to plan for gardening and landscaping

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How much does it cost to create NFTs?

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What is artificial intelligence and how does it work? What are machine learning and deep learning?

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Successful learning with e-learning, gamification and virtual reality: a case study

E-learning enables, among other things, multi-sensory and…

Customer journey DMG

Digital Experience Platforms: Conception, control and optimization of the customer journey

In the following we explain to you what a digital experience platform…

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How to build IoT prototypes for successful IoT devices

Iot is disrupting the market and it won’t be long until IoT devices…

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How do voice assistants work?

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