Apple has been researching and exploring extended reality technologies for almost 20 years. Its major establishment in the extended reality industry was with the launch of the Apple AR kit. In recent times, the most heard rumour about the next Apple product is its extended reality headsets.

Apple enthusiasts and analysts have predicted that Apple is currently working on two extended reality products, including a Mixed reality headset and a sleek pair of AR glasses. Reliable sources like Apple analysts Ming-Chi Kue and Mark Gurman expect that the headset will be launched in 2023, and glasses will be launched in the next couple of years.

The design of the Apple MR headset is likely to be similar to the ones in the industry already, but it will be much lighter than the other products. And it is expected to operate independently without the intervention of the iPhone or Mac.

It is also rumoured that Apple will be launching an OS called ‘realityOS,’ designed especially for MR devices. The devices will have their separate AppStore, and their content will mainly focus on gaming, streaming video, video conferencing and other virtual reality MR communications.

While there is a steady growth in the sales of VR headset sales, the launch of the Apple VR headset will be a game-changer for the VR hardware industry. It is expected that after the launch of Apple MR devices/hardware, there will be a boosting the demand for immersive games, virtual reality worlds and VR multimedia entertainment and content.

Growth of the Extended Reality Market

The extended reality market was estimated at USD 6 billion in 2020, and reach USD 21 billion by 2021. It is anticipated to grow at a CADR of 27.9% from 2020 to 2025.

The easy availability of VR devices, the enthusiasm for virtual reality gaming and experience, and the covid-19 pandemic lockdown are the key factors driving the adoption of MR devices. Along with the global VR hardware players like Meta and Google, many local companies are also launching VR devices in third-world countries like China and India are promoting the widespread adoption of MR technology and gadgets.

The use-case of MR technology has also rapidly grown. Majorly they were used for gaming and entertainment purposes in the past, but now they also help businesses in healthcare, defence, manufacturing and other industries. So the growth of MR technologies, hardware and content are inevitable.

All about Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset

Apple’s MR headset will support both VR and AR capabilities. While augmented reality refers to the modified view of the real world, Virtual reality refers to an entirely immersive experience in a virtual world. AR overlays virtual elements in the real environment where the user is present. But with the VR experience, the users will travel to a fully virtual world and will have no connection with the environment the user is present.

VR Apple 2

The major players in the industry are Google glasses (an AR device) and the Oculus and Playstation VR (VR devices). But the Apple headset will be the first ever MR device that will focus on creating highly immersive content consumption along with gaming, where the users will experience the simulated world through visual, tactile and audio mediums.

Let’s look more into the details discussed about the Apple MR headset


Apple’s MR headset will look similar to the other VR headsets on the market. It is rumoured chiefly that it will look identical to the Meta Oculus Quest VR headset. There are many pictorial fanmade prototypes of Apple MR headsets surrounding the internet. Another rumour is that Apple mainly focuses on making the headset with lightweight materials and fabrics to ensure a comfortable fit for their users. And the band that holds the headset is expected to be of similar material to Apple watches, and that might be probably swappable.


Rumours suggest that the Apple headset will have two displays with high-resolution 4K micro OLED displays with up to 3000 pixels per inch. It is expected that Apple will have a tie-up with Sony, and they are expected to supply the display modules.


It is expected that the headset will have more than a dozen optical cameras that will track hand movements, map the environment and project visual experiences most accurately.


Apple’s MR headset is expected to run on a new operating system that is exclusively created for it and will be named realityOS. It is also rumoured that Apple is creating a separate AppStore for the headset with a special focus on applications promoting virtual gaming, AR/VR content, virtual world communication needs and video conferencing.

WiFi 6E

Rumours suggest that the Apple MR headset will support WiFi 6E, the latest WiFi specifications in the world.


It is expected that the headset will be priced around 3000 USD and will be positioned as a device for developers, content creators, businesses, education and training industries and professionals.


It is rumoured that the Apple MR headset will have two Mac-level M2 processors. And Apple is expected to adopt a 96W power adapter to charge the headset.

More about Apple AR glasses

After the Apple MR headset launch, it is rumoured that Apple will launch exclusive augmented reality glasses by 2024 or 2025. The Apple AR glass will be more of an everyday wearable like an Apple watch and look similar to regular glasses.

VR Apple 3

It is also said that glasses can be incorporated with prescription lenses. The starting price of the Apple AR glasses without prescription lenses will be fixed at USD 500, and the prescription lenses will come at additional costs.

Apple allegedly will be using a cutting-edge OLED microdisplay supplied by Sony for the AR glasses. Apple enthusiasts expect Apple to promote AR glasses as iPhone and Mac accessories.

Apple’s acquisitions and partnerships

Apple has been working on augmented and virtual reality for the last two decades, but it said that the significant concentration started after the launch of the Apple Watch. In 2015 and 2016, Apple recruited many human resources with AR/VR technology expertise and made multiple acquisitions.

Few major acquisitions by Apple are

  • Akonia Holographics - It is a startup that makes AR glasses.
  • Vrvana - It developed an MR headset called Totem, which was never released to the public.
  • PrimeSense - It is a 3D body sensing technology with motion-based capabilities.
  • Metaio - It is an AR startup, and it built a product called Metaio creator, which can create AR scenarios in a few minutes.
  • Emotient - It built a tool for facial expression analysis which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to read human emotions.

In the last two decades, Apple has also acquired and applied for many patents, IPs and copyrights related to AR and VR technology.

All these acquisitions, partnerships and patents will help Apple take the industry to the top with highly progressive Mixed reality Harvard. Post the launch of VR hardware; Apple will look into ways to establish its entry into the VR content and communication software and application creation.

With Apple already having the ecosystem and brand loyal customers, it will definitely change how the VR and AR industry works. As mentioned earlier, Apple is expected to position its MR headset as a product for professionals and industries rather than the common public.

Apple already has a loyal customer base in these target audience groups and adding to it is one of the most trusted tech device and gadget brands. So once the Apple launches the devices, there can be a high tide of shifts towards the Apple products.

DMG and MR services

DMG has been supporting many clients across the world in creating the best AR and VR resources, including apps and AR/VR content.

Along with AR/VR technology, our team has expertise in 3D technology and Digital Twin creations. So together, with all this expertise and experience, we are gearing up for the launch of Apple’s MR headset.

VR Apple 4

Our experts are constantly monitoring the extended reality market, looking for ideas and understanding the audience pulse, so that we can be fully prepared to support the business when there are any major events or products that come up.

As a team, we look forward to supporting and helping businesses create content and take their business into virtual reality through the Apple VR headset.


The coming year will be significant for augmented and virtual reality technologies. As every other tech enthusiast, our team is also looking forward to the launch of Apple MR headsets. Undoubtedly, VR and AR technology will soon be household technology like mobile phones and laptops.

If you know any rumours we haven’t added here, please share with us! We are always open to learning more and more!

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