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We take over the conception, development and operation of chatbots and voice assistants

Chatbots and voice assistants, in combination with AI technologies, can fundamentally change the way companies work. Chatbots map the communication via messenger, while voice assistants map the communication via voice. These systems can be used in your own apps, websites, messengers, social media or even in your own hardware.

What do successful chatbots look like?


How your projects can benefit from machine learning and artificial intelligence

The big new wave is being carried by voice assistants, mainly pushed by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which offer a combination of voice and text. Voicebots give users an answer to questions. In principle, these platforms work like Messenger, except that the voice is first converted into text in order to be processed further. Voice assistants are currently being integrated into millions of objects and thus entering households. The assistants are also pushed into the mass market through advertising for Amazon Echo (loudspeakers) or the integrated Google Assistant in the Pixel smartphone. The voice wave will affect many areas. In the future, for example, all cars will be equipped with assistants, and voice in the car will become part of everyday life for consumers.

An example for the use of chatbots and voice assistants

A relatively well-known chatbot from an FMCG company is, for example, “Kim” from “Maggie Kochstudio” from Nestlé. The chatbot can access 3,000 different cooking recipes and knows the right recipe and cooking tip at any time of the day. Because in reality Kim is “a pretty clever computer program that is controlled by inputs in Facebook Messenger and with which you can have a wide variety of chat conversations around the clock,” as the company describes the chatbot on its website.

Important questions for your chatbot and voice projects

  • What goal should a (marketing) chatbot have?
  • What tone should my chatbot have?
  • What should the chatbot talk about?
  • Do I want to offer a guided or free dialog?
  • How do I design a chatbot dialog?
  • How do I respond to questions that my chatbot can't answer?

How do we make your chatbot and voice project a success?

We have the project experience

We work with a fast, iterative approach

We use sophisticated technologies

We have established conception and planning processes

We have data specialists and programmers working in one team

If you already have a concept, we will be happy to create your chatbot on the platform of your choice. This includes the complete implementation with utterances (customer utterances), intents (customer intentions as well as the chatbot reactions to them), events (triggers for actions) and entities (action objects). We take over the conception, development and operation of chatbots and voice assistants. We connect the chatbot to your ERP, CRM systems or databases or accompany the technical integration – according to your needs.

As specialists for user experience, we bring in our know-how from usability and testing. We can not only program your chatbot, but also test it right away. Test scenarios are planned by us and carried out on various platforms. Of course, we also deal with automatic test scenarios for chatbots. This ensures that larger solutions can be tested quickly, efficiently and holistically.

“We understand objectives from a creative and technical point of view as well as from the perspective of your business”

– Till Neitzke, Chief Executive Officer


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