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Mobile apps are an important direct channel to your customers

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We have already developed apps for most mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. We have also successfully developed apps for Windows 8-10, macOS and IoT devices. The apps developed here range from small marketing apps to production apps and startup ideas to large-scale projects with several 100 million users.

It is important to decide which target group to address as well as to derive the right target platforms before starting the app development. Thus, mobile apps become an important direct channel to your customers.

Our big advantage over pure app agencies: we go beyond pure app development – we not only understand native app development and produce robust mobile apps, but with our knowledge of servers, e-commerce and API layers, we can lead marketing and UX projects to success.

As a technology agency, our focus is on solving your problem well, not necessarily producing an app or website. While many of our projects have a successful and feature-rich app for iOS, Android, or Windows as a result, along the way we look very closely at whether the technical approach fits your long-term goals.

Decisive for the selection of the right and future-proof technology basis are the requirements for functions, user experience, interaction design and total cost of ownership, which are more achievable in the different approaches, depending on the priorities.

What do our mobile app projects look like?

Your opportunities to inspire with mobile apps

The days when it was enough to create a small app with a store locator and 5 images are long gone. Today, the focus is on real added value for the user. In addition to the idea and pure software development, strategy, design and the smooth operation of your app projects over the entire lifecycle also play a major role.

Examples for the use of mobile Apps

We design and plan the production of hardware and electronics for the smart expansion of your products. Here we rely on proven suppliers, a lot of experience and multi-stage prototypes.

How do we make your mobile app project a success?

We master the conception of mobile apps and platforms

From our years of experience with mobile apps for all operating systems and devices, we know how successful applications must work for users. When developing mobile apps, we not only use sophisticated design tools, but also frequently work with functional mobile app mockups that allow users to experience the design and concept on a real version at an early stage.

We test the project at an early stage in closed crowdtesting

Using real-world testing with real people in a closed ecosystem, we can quickly validate whether assumptions from consulting, conception, design, and development have the desired impact on project success. This early validation helps projects get off to the best possible start and reduces the misinvestment of marketing budgets due to errors in UX or development.

We have the right technical expertise for your mobile app project

We use and plan the goals of your mobile app together with you and then ensure the appropriate selection of the right technology. Here, we have the technological expertise for all current mobile platforms and help you make the right decisions. Whether native or hybrid, API or database sync is a question of objectives, not expertise.

We do not supervise a project - we supervise you on the way to your success

We don’t just implement your website or portal, but pay attention to the right alignment of the platform and long-term goal achievement. Search engine optimization, monitoring response times and regular evaluations of visitor behavior are essential for successful online projects.

We know the core elements of many successful mobile apps

We analyze our own and successful mobile apps in terms of user behavior, user feedback and performance metrics and can thus identify the cornerstones of successful apps. This helps us in consulting, conception, design and implementation to make informed decisions together with you. This validation of projects against benchmarks, metrics, and statistics makes it easier for everyone involved to execute a successful project without sacrificing innovation.

We understand objectives from both a creative and technical perspective as well as from the perspective of your business

We form project teams from our and your employees in such a way that we achieve the optimal output for success, quality and effectiveness of the project. For us, this means that consulting and conception are permanently in the project team, so that together we can achieve the optimal result.

“We understand objectives from a creative and technical point of view as well as from the perspective of your business”

– Till Neitzke, Chief Executive Officer


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