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  • Client: HAW Training Centre for Trade and Economy GmbH / HAW Ausbildungszentrum für Handel und Wirtschaft GmbH 
  • Website & application line relaunch for an education platform
  • Relaunch of entire website including courses
  • Test and optimization of the request funnel with eye tracking test results
  • Improvement of new student requests by 332% after relaunch & tests

Based on scientific research with eye trackers, we relaunched the training courses booking platform for our client. This included redesigning the platform on the basis of scientific studies with eye trackers. By optimising the request funnel with minimal changes and subsequent user tests, the number of new course requests increased by an incredible 332%!



Many organisations have difficulties optimising their online presence. Whether it’s an outdated design or an overwhelming amount of elements, without a well considered concept, there are many obstacles in the way of converting website visitors into customers. There are also other factors, such as a lack of mobile compatibility.

In fact, there are many website construction kits available today that one could fall back on and quickly make some small visual and functional changes. However, in order to achieve the real goal of increasing conversion, it is advisable to go a step further and look at the matter scientifically and even from a psychological point of view.

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To approach it scientifically, we then decided to use “eye trackers”. Basically, this device captures the reflection of the user’s eyes, and determines where on the monitor the user is gazing at. The result is a so-called “heat map” that shows the accumulated gaze data of users.

The results were significant: Information relevant to the conclusion of a contract was hardly perceived.

To solve this problem, new gaze guidance was necessary. To make this possible, in fact, only minimal measures were necessary: the information on the left and right columns were swapped. In addition, however, there were other changes, such as a modernisation of the design in order to create a more open and appealing look.



Small change, big effect: By redesigning the site and changing the position of information, the visitors’ line of sight were directly influenced. This directly led the visitors to the funding opportunities and therefore positively increased their interest resulting in more conversion.

The effect was impressive: not only did course enquiries increase by 20%, but booking enquiries also rose by an incredible 332%!

In addition to refreshing the overall look of the website, we also optimised the mobile version, enabling interested parties to receive information regarding training opportunities on the go from their smartphones.


  • Revamp of website & optimisation for mobile devices
  • Utilisation of modern eye tracking technology
  • Optimisation of design & position of information based on "heat maps" of cumulated views of visitors
  • Extensive user testing through technical methodologies
  • Implementation of the Website in TYPO3

Key Results

  • Scientifically initiated & tested concept with the help of eye trackers to generate heat maps
  • Increase of course inquires by 20%
  • Increase of bookings by 332%
  • Modern & open design
  • Improved accessibility by the optimisation of a mobile version

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