We answer all questions concerning the application process

The perfect application conveys your wishes and skills to us in the best possible way. So that the colleague who is looking at your application knows directly what you already know and where you want to go in the future. Ideally, you’ll also give us a clue as to what motivated you to take this career path.

Please formulate the salutation in general (“Dear Ladies and Gentlemen”) as our colleagues compare your documents with our requirements according to your competences and interests and, if necessary, assign you to another area. A personalised address is therefore not necessary.

As long as a job is online, it is also up-to-date, as we hire all year round.

Generally this is possible. However, you will be assigned to the area which fits your profile best. Therefore it makes more sense to apply for only one position and to indicate in the cover letter what other areas could be of interest.

Please send the application documents to join@thisisdmg.com

All documents and information that helps us assess whether you fit the job opening is welcome. Basically, we find the following things important: a suitable cover letter, CV and references to relevant social media profiles (e.g. Xing, LinkedIn, Github, Stack Overflow, Behance, Twitter). For graphic jobs, work samples are an important part of being able to assess your skills.

We will take your application into account in English, Thai and German, if the job post does not explicitly require otherwise.

No, the Digital Media Group does not usually offer this option.

The locations indicated refer to our respective Digital Media Group Hub, where you can be hired. The project locations may differ from your location and of course we support remote work from exciting countries!

We support our employees in fulfilling their dreams as long as this matches the processes and project requirements. Many of our employees work as digital nomads from different locations around the world and still serve our customers at the highest level.