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Virtual Reality Sales Tool


  • Sales tool for field sales and exhibitions for different products in the lighting sector
  • Client: HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA
  • Virtual Reality (VR) experience for the sales process
  • Development of highly realistic ambient light systems to experience while driving

In order to enable customers to experience ambient interior lighting outside of showrooms at a reasonable rate, a VR platform was created to showcase lighting in an automotive environment that is appealing to customers.

With the development of an experience usable with VR glasses, custom cardboard VR boxes, and through 360° showrooms our client HELLA, was able to reach its customers during exhibitions, field service sales, and online.



When you are not able to always access showrooms, a proper presentation of your products may be challenging. Especially when it comes to the mood and overall experience. Another obstacle is the overwhelming amount of exhibition booths, that are all trying to catch the visitor’s attention. In order to compete, it is crucial to create a “wow-effect”, that imaginably sticks within the mind of potential customers.

For most businesses, a crucial goal is to reduce sales costs and increase the effectiveness of the sales strategy. Creating sales promotions and pitches to different target customers is difficult as there are a lot of variations, customizations, and budgets. Therefore, the challenge was to create a tool that is suitable for multiple target customers and locations. So how do you manage to cover it all?

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Through a step-by-step development, we started with a single scheme for a series of products, and later expanded the HELLA VR platform to a comprehensive virtual reality product experience platform.

In order to convince potential clients both emotionally and professionally, we utilized visual advancement communication through virtual reality. Therefore, we created both environments and other assets, such as the interior design of cars in 3D. The development of a modular VR platform, enabled us to expand scenes, automobile models, and lighting products. This enabled our clients to adapt each scenario to match the specifications of their own clients.

In order to ensure usability, the developed renders and virtual environments, are now usable within exhibitions and in the field service sales with VR glasses or customised branded cardboard VR boxes, as well as online with a 360° 3D Video, where visitors can navigate through the interior environment with their own mobile or desktop device.



Using the advantages of VR to communicate visually and modularly, enabled us to add value to the sales process and allowed customers to experience innovative products in a much simpler way. Thus, a high level VR experience was delivered to the customer.

Our client was therefore able to connect more with potential customers and increase the conversion rate through an innovative sales process. This solution also maximized the usability, as the final product was functional within various environments and on multiple devices.


  • Modular platform for VR Content
  • Online Scenario Management & Online Device management
  • Creation of virtual environments and 3D automotive models
  • Designing the sophisticated visualisation of light effects in virtual reality
  • Implementation of multiple scenarios and models
  • Control and navigation by visual control, e.g. by focusing the menu item
  • Integration of sounds and music

Key Results

  • Multipurpose and supplementing sales tool in the automotive industry
  • Virtual reality for trade fairs and field service sales
  • Highest usability with multi-device compatibility
  • Futuristic 3D renders of automotive and realistic visualization of interior lightning
  • Innovative sales approach with a memorable impact for clients

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