The metaverse has become the latest digital frontier that every business wants to conquer. The world stumbled when Facebook rebranded itself as Meta and announced its deep interest in metaverse-related projects and that it would be pouring its maximum budget.

It prompted how the metaverse will rule the future of human communication and engagement. Following Facebook, many businesses, brands and corporates started exploring the metaverse in every way possible, like renting virtual space, building virtual stores, creating NFTs or organising metaverse events.

As the metaverse is in its nascent stage, irrespective of business sector, small or big or geographical location, anyone can establish their presence and reap the entire benefits.

The metaverse platform is the base tool through which businesses can build their presence in the virtual worlds or build their own virtual worlds. So when choosing a metaverse platform, businesses need to understand them, know what it offers and then select the platform according to their needs.

The process to move your business into the Metaverse

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Step 1 - Define your audience

After making a decision to establish the businesses in the metaverse, the first step is to define the audience whom your business is targeting. To define that, you must understand the metaverse and its users profoundly. If you define the right audience and target them with the proper strategy, it will make it possible to build a relationship with them seamlessly.
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Step 2 - Build a strategy

After defining the target audience, the focus should be on building a strategy on how you can reach the audience, communicate and build a relationship with them. The strategy should have the measures and ideas that will help the business to provide a highly immersive experience to their audience, which ultimately results in desired sales conversion.

Step 3 - Get easy with blockchain and cryptocurrency

The metaverse is a virtual world, and has a technical backbone in blockchain technology. And in the same way, cryptocurrencies are the virtual currencies with which all the blockchain transactions happen. So, it is important to understand the way blockchain and cryptocurrencies work with their pros and cons.

Step 4 - Enhance your online presence

The majority of the businesses already have a well-established online presence - be it through websites, e-commerce sites, emails, social media accounts or other online selling apps, communication or content platforms. Before entering into the metaverse, it is essential to evaluate and enhance the current online presence and branding strategies. The online presence should be strong, at par with metaverse content, highly interactive and engaging, and should keep growing steadily.

Step 5 - Find the right platform

Finding the right metaverse platform is the essential step toward taking your business into the metaverse. There are plenty of metaverse platforms in the market today. Every platform will have various USPs and features focused on different areas like virtual real estate, gaming, NFTs, commerce, etc. Select the platform after comparing your requirements according to your strategy with the features of the platform.
You can find more detailed information on selecting the right platform below.

Step 6 - Focus on the content and providing experience

The users and customers in the metaverse want to encounter a unique experience. So your content should provide a uniquely immersive experience which is more than just seeing or viewing the product/service. In the metaverse, users should have the option to experience things and then make a decision on buying them.

How to evaluate and choose the right metaverse platform?

After knowing the target audience and building a powerful strategy to reach them, you need a platform where you can start implementing the ideas and the strategies by effectively connecting with the audience.

What can make a platform the right one? DMG has identified a few elements and features to analyse when checking if the platform is right for your metaverse strategy or not.


The platforms should allow the businesses to develop/design a neat, immersive, alluring and branded environment.


The platforms need to be a decentralised economy, where event businesses that rent or purchase places from the platform should hold the entire rights and authority over that virtual space.

User experience

There must be a handful of features that can boost the user experience like avatars, digital twins, 3D environments, immersive social features, real-time communication, etc.

Platforms and Accessibility

Understanding and knowing how the platforms can be accessed by the users is important. If the platforms can be accessed through apps, desktop, tablet, mobile and also VR headsets or AR glasses, it is highly appreciable.


Other than media files and content, the platforms should be open to integrate third-party business systems, software and tools like chatbots, voice assistants, data and content management, E-commerce tools, CRM, payment gateways, etc.

Crypto wallet and cryptocurrency

The platform you choose must have integrations with all the major crypto wallets and cryptocurrencies.

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Along with these major elements, the platform should have a strong backend team who can support businesses with the establishment of their presence in the metaverse. As the metaverse is still in its initial stage, the platforms should be open to enhancements and technological advances in the future.

Though these steps seem to be simple and easily adaptable, it requires a hefty budget, resources and time. Understanding each step, process, tool and platform in-depth is essential, and you need expert support to verify and support businesses to seamlessly transition into the metaverse.

Some of the prominent metaverse platforms


Sandbox is a blockchain-based platform where businesses can rent and buy virtual land. After renting or buying land, the business can set up its virtual presence by opening virtual stores, shopping malls, etc. Sandbox uses Ethereum as its cryptocurrency to perform trade activities on the platform. Its stability and security make it one of the most incredible metaverse platforms. Sandbox has Ethereum-based tokens called Sand. These tokens are used to pay the gas fee on the Ethereum network.


Decentraland is a 3D virtual social world where businesses can trade NFTs powered by the Ethereum Smart Contract. Its features and user-friendliness make socialising with fellow users super immersive and provides a near-to-real experience. Businesses can organise events, trade goods/services, play games, and socialise with people from all over the virtual planet. As its name says, Decentrland is entirely decentralised, providing complete ownership over the experiences businesses have created on the platform.


Cryptovoxels is the best metaverse virtual gaming platform built on Ethereum blockchain protocols. Its amazing usability and features make it the best for businesses to create virtual real estate businesses and a hotspot for NFT trading. It also allows businesses and brands to sell wearables for gaming characters, virtual objects to enhance environments, etc. Games in the Cryptovoxles can be accessed from PCs as well as VR headsets. As per the business needs, anything can be created in Cryptovoxels, from games, empty lands, and buildings to fabricated mansions, art galleries, co-working/collaborative spaces and community buildings.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas gained traction in recent times with its offering of a virtual universe, including many virtual planets, galaxies and civilizations, making it a state-of-art metaverse platform. Businesses can choose spaceships and allow their audience to travel to various virtual planets, set up various store branches, explore cultures, etc. It will provide the audience the best immersive experience.  Star Atlas is based on the Solana blockchain platform.


Bloktopia is a virtual skyscraper with 21 levels for users to explore. Each level serves as the access point to a central information hub. Its basic principles are to let its users learn, earn, play and create. Businesses can rent space in the Bloktopia and establish their trade along with creating virtual content.


Roblox is a leading metaverse gaming platform that allies players to create games of their own. It is famous for its diverse VR experiences. And its USP is that it allows users to dress up their avatars with accessories from real-life brands like Burberry. Businesses are keen to collaborate with Roblox as it seamlessly allows them to sell digital items in their in-game stores and on its avatar marketplace. And to make the platform easier for trading, it allows the users to purchase in-game accessories using real-world money.

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How can DMG support businesses?

DMG has been actively helping businesses and brands to establish their presence in the virtual world. With an expert team of 3D artists, AI engineers, extended reality designers and a vast resource ecosystem, we can support businesses in consulting and developing their metaverse establishment journey and strategy to attain the best ROI. Along with a strategy, we can support businesses with building their 3D immersive content, which is engaging and interactive.

Metaverse - a transition into the future

Planning and strategising the entry of business into the metaverse is the essential step to accomplishing the goal. Researching on the audience is mandatory, and with that, businesses need to find the platform which holds the maximum number of active users of their targeted audience; after that, build a strategy for content plan and start looking for the right platform.

As mentioned above here, it is essential to have an experienced partner to support you throughout all the steps from planning to executing the business presence in the metaverse.

Get in touch with us to see where your company’s online presence stands and check whether your business is ready to build its presence in the metaverse.

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