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VR Apple 1

DMG probes: How will the release of Apple’s mixed reality headset impact the expanding VR headset market?

Apple has been one of the major players in the field of technology and gadgets. It carries enormous customer loyalty and brand name, all because of its exclusive ecosystem, performance, design, uniqueness, privacy policy and high resale and exchange value. The latest product addition to Apple’s ecosystem was the Apple watches. When it entered the digital wearable device industry in 2015, it shook the other players in the industry. Now the world is looking forward to the next addition to the Apple ecosystem, which is the Apple AR & VR headsets and AR glasses, which are expected to be released by 2023. This article will take you through how Apple is establishing its presence in the extended reality industry and how its VR headset and AR glasses will affect the other major players in the industry.

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Deep AI Chatbots 1

Informing, educating and connecting customers – AI-Powered Chatbots

An artificial intelligence chatbot or AI-powered chatbot is an AI-based computer program that simulates human conversation. Customer satisfaction is the base factor for the success of every business. AI chatbots have become the essential communication tool to provide a quick, seamless solution to the customer’s problems, round the clock with an added human essence. Though AI chatbots are not at a stage to completely replace human representatives for customer service, it has largely helped to bridge the gap between businesses and consumers in this digital era. This article will explain how chatbots work and how effectively a business can leverage chatbots to provide the best customer support. 

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