With the touch of a button, all parameters and the entire visual appearance of objects and their surroundings can be changed in real time. Even the adjustment of lights and the associated mood is made possible without any problems. For users, these are incredible convenience features. For retailers or salespersons, it is an impressive and immersive way to inspire customers. Not to mention, the cost savings due to the elimination of sample demonstrations, product variants, and the lower space requirements!

The Opportunities: Where does VR pay off?

Whether B2B or B2C – every customer today wants to be inspired. That’s why above all, an unforeseen effect is needed, which is rarely achieved with conventional concepts. VR is your solution, it lets potential customers immerse themselves in a new world, optimizes customer interaction, and can communicate information in a lively way. In addition, the technology offers added value for two product types in particular:

Complex Goods

Products that require detailed explanations are difficult to experience and understand even through text, images and video. Virtual reality manages to emphasize the important details and enables the holistic experience of a solution within the sales room.

High-priced Goods

VR can be used to place products, convey advertising information, and generate higher sales within digital sales channels. For this reason, the technology is particularly suitable for high-priced products and capital goods such as cars, industrial plants, and real estate.

THIS IS! Digital Media Group has already customized several VR configurators for complex products such as cars, yachts, and real estate, along with a configurator for a complete industrial VR facility.

Experience Real Estate with Virtual Reality

Whether it’s a new build or a remodel, VR product configurators allow CAD data to directly display properties. Our smart VR configurators also offer customers web access to directly set up their property and select floors & wallpapers. Integrated sharing also allows third parties to access the new property via their own app. Particularly, in the case of larger construction projects with several shareholders, it helps keep investors and other project participants up to date at all times with product configurators done in VR.

The Future for Yachts - VR for Sailing and Motor Yachts

Especially for custom-made and expensive products, such as yachts, virtual product configurators are a good way to give future owners a realistic impression of the yacht at an early stage. Our experts can not only implement realistic material properties in VR, but also make special features such as voice control, individual apps, or light installations tangible for the owner long before the construction begins. We are also happy to provide customers with the necessary equipment to directly experience VR without limits at home at an early stage.

The Perfectly Configured Automobile

Presenting cars in a suitable environment offers great advantages, as customers can directly experience the object they desire in a realistic environment. Whether it’s testing a small city car in a parking lot, off-roading on an SUV, driving a sports car on the Nürburgring, or checking the load capacity of new family station wagons. Virtual reality offers 3D worlds that match the desired brand image of the vehicle and emotionalizes the customer during the point of sale within a confined space. There are also kits for converting vehicles into VR simulators. For example, customers sit in the real vehicle that has a mimicked scent and feel, while driving the car in a virtual world with a real steering wheel, gearshift and gas pedal – all buttons are fully functional and the customer, sitting in the real car, experiences the benefits of the vehicle in virtual reality.

Product Configurator for Planning Exhibitions

We support organizers and exhibitors in providing VR configurators for their customers to perfect booth planning. In particular, new equipment such as fog projection or transparent OLED screens can be realistically tested with the help of VR. Our experts directly use the CAD data of the organizers and can quickly provide the simulated VR environment for the organizer to experience, including realistic lighting conditions.

Our Conclusion on Virtual Reality Configurators

Many manufacturers, service providers, and retailers can benefit from virtual reality, both in terms B2C and B2B, and of course B2B2C. Reseller solutions for virtual reality are one way to increase their own sales without requiring a lot of space from business partners. With the help of virtual reality configurators, customers can be emotionalized, costs can be saved, and unnecessary reworks can be avoided. We support our customers holistically in the planning, creation, rollout and maintenance of the entire solution. Here, we not only use our ready-made VR configurators, but also rely on highly individualized VR configurators to present products in a visually appealing and brand-appropriate way. We avoid the typical mistakes in virtual reality projects right from the start.

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