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  • Client: Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH
  • Local websites for the brands of Continental, General Tire & Semperit
  • Multi language: English & Hebrew
  • Responsive websites for each brand based on one shared CMS for easier maintenance & extension
  • Brand visibility in the local market & dealer locator for customers

Especially when penetrating foreign markets, brand visibility and brand recognition are key priorities. Also on websites, a brand and its values must be appropriately embodied and aligned. In order to optimise usability on both the client and operator side, we developed a joint CMS for three local websites for our client Continental. A product catalogue and dealer locator rounded out the entire customer experience, promoting the brand appropriately. On the operator side, the common CMS allows for easy customisation and expansion of content in one central system.



The brand visibility of an organisation is the highest asset, because it is a prerequisite for business growth. To increase brand visibility, it is also necessary to optimise the website. In this project, we relaunched three local websites for the Israeli market for our client: Continental. Semperit and General Tires.

Among other things, one of the challenges was to create a multilingual frontend that was optimised for visitors, and at the same time an easily maintainable and expandable common CMS for the client. The important consideration was to comply with the individual corporate identity of each brand, despite sharing the same content management system.




To guarantee easy handling, we developed the websites for our client with Contao CMS. This enabled seamless maintenance and expansion of content on all three websites and at the same time guaranteed the implementation of brand-specific differences and characteristics.

To improve the user experience, we also added features such as a dealer locator. This allows visitors to identify their nearest dealership instantly. Furthermore, another feature is a product catalogue with in-depth filters and descriptions, which enables users to find different tires directly from the website.



The results were impressive: as individual as the websites appear for customer communication on the front end, the shared maintenance behind them is equally convenient for the operators in the back end. The joint CMS now makes it very easy to adapt and expand the content, thus saving our client a considerable amount of time.

Visitors to the website also enjoy simple and intuitive control of the website and its functions. They can now easily find information on products and local retailers. Brand visibility and recognisability have thus been successfully promoted with a consolidated corporate identity.


  • Responsive & multilingual frontend
  • Contao CMS
  • Dealer locator & product catalogue plugin
  • Social media integration

Key Results

  • Responsive multilingual websites
  • Focus on easy expandability & division based on product categories
  • Template-based content management system composition
  • Concept, design & agile development of three websites according to the individual CI

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