Mercedes Benz


  • Client: Mercedes-Benz | Daimler AG
  • Partner: Jung von Matt
  • Mobile iOS-iPad application,
  • Interactive elements on everything you need to know about the new CLS
  • Animated illustrations, sounds & videos in a showroom

With this app, users themselves become the hero of the story “Sensuality & Sense” by author Joey Goebel. The story provides a multimedia experience with animated illustrations, atmospheric sounds and interactive elements.

In addition, exclusive videos of the new CLS were embedded within the story – to explore the design, features, agility and comfort of such an extraordinary car.



It is always a challenge to stand out from the competition when you enter the market with a new product.

That’s why more and more companies are going down the gamification route. It can be a particular challenge to find the right balance and to position brands correctly without trivialising them.

In this project, together with our partner, we set specific goals to promote the Mercedes-Benz brand in an honourable way and to address their target group in a suitable manner.




To achieve this goal, we used gamification without trivialising it. We decided to immerse the user within the story and gave them the possibility to influence the plot.

To make the process even more convenient and comfortable, we therefore developed an iPad application so that users can access it on the go.

However, the short story by author Joey Goebel is not the only highlight of the application. We included further information about the new CLS model, interactive elements and showrooms with additional videos.



By combining and incorporating different functions, we succeeded in entertaining different types of users. Thus, users were free to read the story, to influence it or to directly access information about the new Mercedes-Benz model.

This allowed us to promote the luxurious brand appropriately without making it too interactive and obvious, because choices were mainly made by users. Thus, this iPad ad was a successful way to promote a campaign for Mercedes-Benz.


  • Native iOS Application for iPad
  • Embedding HD graphics of the new CLS into a sketchy layout
  • Adapted game engine for super HD Pictures as textures

Key Results

  • Promotion & advertisement of the new Mercedes-Benz CLS model
  • Directly engaging potential customers & rewarding existing customers
  • Gamification on a deep and suitable level
  • Animated illustrations & interactive elements to entice users

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