Web Applications

In this category we present our projects from the field of web applications


Allianz Bike Insurance App

Cross-plattform insurance app for a new digitally-oriented target group of one of the largest European insurers, the Allianz SE


Continental Web Tire Configurator

The innovative wheel configurator from Continental shows available options for the users own car model. Intuitive to use, extensively tested and optimized for retailers.


Campaign Creatives and Landingpage

Insurances are a great invention of mankind and in many areas they are a life saver. But spending money on something intangible for a worst case scenario is not an easy sell. This campaign takes a new angle and wraps a boring topic in a fun experience.


Virtual Reality Publishing DMG Studio

DMG Studio is a software to prepare three-dimensional files such as CAD-files for Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality Devices.


House Configurator Web Application

When creating a configurator you are often faced with a dilemma: Reveal the product step by step as it is configured? Or start with a complete product and change it from there as the user sets configurations? Both have severe disadvantages. This approach is a solution to the problem – at least for house configurators.


Simon Sales Software

Sales is undergoing the most significant transformation in its history. SIMON aims at supporting this change and empowering sales employees to create the best customer experience on the market.


Campaign Web Apps

Reaching the clients or customers through unique touchpoints such as these Campaign Web Apps makes your company stand out amongst competitors. Special types of interaction form a connection between brand and client that builds a lasting bond.


R+V Online Game World

For the insurance company “R+V Versicherungen” we produced a series of Browser games. They were fun for users and made sense for the insurance since one e. g. trained mental health - which means lower costs for the insurance.


Secret Santa AR Couponing

Secret Santa is an augmented reality game that draws customers to a point in the real world where they can find, choose and swap presents.


TUI TravelStarter App & Website

For some people no gift is greater than a dream journey. For some young people, however, it is hard to afford. TUI TravelStarter is the solution: create a journey, share via link and social media – and anyone can contribute to the journey in "miles". And if you like, book additional extras as a gift – this is how dream journeys come true!