The National ChampionsFootball Game


  • Client: Gamesload | Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Multiplayer online game for every web browser
  • Retro graphics with modern day mechanics
  • Programmed bots to enable single player mode
  • Quick matches and a complete multiplayer online/offline league system
  • Promotional campaign game

In the following project we developed a fast-paced, action-packed, and unique multiplayer football game with fascinating mechanics suitable for players with busy lifestyles. Not to mention, the game also emits a retro feeling, nostalgic for many football game fanatics.

In this exciting game, you can either fight for the top spots in your league or challenge a friend to a friendly match. There are different game modes such as “challenge” and a massive multiplayer league, where you can prove your skills and compete against other players and sometimes against bots.

In addition to the actual game, there are also challenges waiting for you as a manager. Expand your stadium, buy players, look for sponsors or simply send your players to a training camp. This game got it all, it uses a perfect balance between online and offline to bring the best experience for players who can’t be online at all times.



The possibilities to promote your company and at the same time to strengthen the loyalty of existing customers are innumerable.

Today, however, it is a challenge to provide real added value and stand out from the competition. In general, it is also hard to break the common norm of football related games. The challenge was to create something that stands out and has a unique approach to make die hard football fans excited even if they have less time to play the game.

Furthermore, in the present case, the aim was also to reflect and focus on the actual service of the company: telecommunications.



That’s why we took a classic game to the next level: we developed not only an ordinary football game mode, but also included other exciting possibilities and functions that goes beyond a typical football game.

For example, players have the opportunity to also become football managers. You can buy players, send them to training camps or search for sponsors in order to grow and expand your stadium!

To accommodate a multitude of players, we have integrated a multiplayer and single player mode, which allows players to play against each other either in real time or against a bot. In addition to that we also have the massive multiplayer league system where you get to play one half against the teams of the other players. This feature does not require both players to be online at the same time, because each player will only play one half against a bot that uses the other team’s lineup. After both players complete their half the results will then be summed up and tallied within the league, this is extremely beneficial for players that have less time to spare.



The results were impressive. Through the integrated sharing function, the game became a real success and gained a lot of reach and attention. The game was also promoted and recommended on many forums and best lists.

With the built-in leaderboard, users were also able to share their statistics and achievements with their friends. The perfect balance to make the league system both online and offline was a huge success as players had no time constraints. We were thus able to programme a successful and appropriate advertising campaign for our client and amaze new customers while furtherly rewarding existing customers.


  • Programmed bot
  • Multiplayer & single player mode
  • Complete multiplayer league system with a unique multiplayer approach
  • Connection to social media

Key Results

  • Fast, fun and easy to learn football game
  • League and cup system for hundreds of users
  • More then 1.500.000 Matches in the first 6 months
  • Management function with extensive options
  • Staggered multiplayer mode for matches against other players
  • Detailed high score and leaderboards

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