• Client: Swiss International Air Lines AG
  • Partner: Plan.Net Group
  • Mobile advertising campaign
  • Rich HTML5-Animations

Incorporating playful elements is no longer just for children. To boost campaigns and keep potential customers engaged with content for extended periods of time, it is advisable to include interactive elements or animations.

Together with our partner, we succeeded in creating an exciting and effective campaign for SWISS International Airlines AG on the iPad. Overall, it allowed us to break the typical barriers of direct advertisements and engage with potential customers in an interactive way.



In order to boost sales and improve the branding of a company, companies often use various types of campaigns.

In today’s competitive environment, however, it is essential to offer added value in order to stand out from the competition.

Therefore, the goal was to launch not only a creative but also an interactive campaign to better position the brand and boost sales.



Since people increasingly inform themselves on the go, we developed an iPad Ad for Swiss International Airlines AG together with our partner in order to achieve the common goal of boosting the company’s brand image and sales.

In the process, we integrated various interactive elements into the application: The SWISS fleet aircraft slowly approaches. Swiping over it provides interesting and exciting information, for example about the company itself, the booking classes or the airline’s worldwide route network.



By incorporating interactive elements and animations, such as videos of the fleet and its interiors, we succeeded in creating an exciting alternative to simple advertisements.

Gamification of different types of content stimulates the interest of the users and keeps them engaged with the message for extended periods of time. This enabled us to create a branding campaign in a playful way and to position the brand and its qualities in an authentic way.


  • iOS application
  • HTML5 framework
  • Embedding videos & other interactive content

Key Results

  • Successful campaign for Swiss International Airlines AG
  • Promoted on iPad/iOS
  • Sales & branding tool
  • Interactive elements & animations for gamification

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