Implementation, operation and further development of e-commerce platforms

The subject of e-commerce has three technically challenging components: search engine optimization, automation and load balancing. For several years now, we have been working as a technical service provider for successful e-commerce solutions and helping our customers to achieve less effort, more sales and sustainable growth. We support companies in the B2B, B2C and B2B2C areas and, in cooperation with partners, develop strategies for successful sales on all digital channels.

Our core services are technical optimization, usability, search engine optimization and process simplification. Here we use medium and long-term measures to help companies position themselves successfully for online sales.

We not only use the classic sales channels desktop browser and mobile, but also have extensive knowledge in the areas of social commerce, commerce bots and recommendation systems. Thanks to our technical background, we understand your internal processes and can thus successfully carry out low-friction and agile projects. Our experience in agile projects helps you to make the right adjustments for a more successful project at an early stage via focus groups in crowd testing.

The area of e-commerce is closely interlinked with innovation because we know that many new technologies in combination with proven platforms are a cornerstone for successful e-commerce projects.

What can successful e-commerce look like?


What are your options for increasing sales with your e-commerce project?

A good e-commerce platform provides you with a stable platform to supply your customers optimally and to be able to offer innovative offers faster and more efficiently. Stable processes in the background are important in order to be able to work efficiently and to have the administrative effort under control. Sophisticated systems such as Hybris, Magento or WooCommerce provide you with a perfect platform that can also be linked to your inventory systems, product information systems (PIM) and customer service to ensure a smooth flow of information in your company.

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6 reasons why we can make your e-commerce project successful

We are proficient in the conception of e-commerce environments

From our many years of experience with e-commerce on all digital channels, we know how important user experience, CRM measures, recommendations and clean processes are for your company and your users. When designing e-commerce projects, we very often also use mockups of the front end, back end and downstream processes in order to be able to work efficiently with all departments.

We have the technical expertise for your e-commerce project

There are very different shop systems on the market, almost all of which are authorized due to special features. Based on our experience, we can select and implement the right system for your requirements.

We analyze all relevant players for your success

We analyze our own and successful third-party w-commerce platforms in order to identify the cornerstones of the success of e-commerce platforms. This supports the consulting, conception, design and implementation in your project, as objectively validated decisions can be made in all areas on the basis of the data collected.

We check the project at an early stage in closed crowd testing

With the help of tests under real conditions with real people in a closed ecosystem, we can quickly validate whether assumptions from consulting, conception, design and development of your e-commerce platform affect the success of the project as assumed. This early validation helps e-commerce projects get off to an optimal start and prevents the inefficient use of marketing budgets caused by errors in the user experience (UX), development or in the processes.

We do not supervise a project - we support you on the way to your success

We don’t just implement projects 1-to-1, but work towards your individual goals. This also means that we check new ideas from development and design that emerge in the course of the project for relevance in order to find the optimal solution for your objectives. This approach ensures you and us a high degree of creativity and innovation with maximum quality.

We understand objectives from a creative and technical perspective as well as from the perspective of your business

We form the project team in such a way that we can achieve the optimal output for the success, quality and effectiveness of the project. For us this means that consultants and conception are permanently part of the project team in order to be able to achieve the optimal result together.

“We understand objectives from a creative and technical point of view as well as from the perspective of your business”

– Till Neitzke, Chief Executive Officer


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