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In this category we show our projects from the field of mobile apps


Allianz Bike Insurance App

Cross-plattform insurance app for a new digitally-oriented target group of one of the largest European insurers, the Allianz SE

Augmented Reality Nature App

Augmented Reality Nature App

Nature is fun and discovery all the more. So why not combine the two and give users a great augmented reality experience!


Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Racing Game App

For the release of the new SLS AMG Mercedes Benz published a special game: Based on the commercial idea of an SLS racing in a tunnel, the user can speed through various tunnels driving the SLS and controlling it with the smartphone.


Content Collect Social Media App

Most organizations face the same problem regarding their social media content: Obtaining interesting content for posts is hard. On the one hand it can’t just be professionally produced by an agency because that is expensive and often perceived as fake – on the other hand real insights from employees or team members are rare. This app solves the problem.

MediaMarkt Mobile Shopping App

Media Markt Mobile Shopping App

We created a mobile online shop for the electronics store Media Markt, involving strategy development, concept & UX design, implementation and rollout.


Augmented Reality Meeting Zone Game

Meeting zone is an Augmented Reality game that makes team-building easier by letting employees challenge each other to a fun game.


Campaign Web Apps

Reaching the clients or customers through unique touchpoints such as these Campaign Web Apps makes your company stand out amongst competitors. Special types of interaction form a connection between brand and client that builds a lasting bond.


PodChat App (Podcast and Chatbot)

Voice interface is very helpful when you don’t have your hands free – for example while driving in a car. And it’s even greater if you can play useful audio information via voice control!

Sparkasse Finanzportal App Cover

Sparkassen Finanzportal Real Estate App

The Sparkassen Finanzportal wanted to make its property search available on the go, offering users the greatest possible convenience and targeted functions.


Secret Santa AR Couponing

Secret Santa is an augmented reality game that draws customers to a point in the real world where they can find, choose and swap presents.