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CUT!CO2The Carbon Film Quote App


  • Client & Partner: Agentur BBDO Proximity
  • iOS application for film and movie producers
  • Focus on sustainability, also for a niche sector
  • Calculating, planning & saving carbon emissions

The CUT!CO2 app is an iOS application with programmed software that converts each item on the CUT into CO2 values before the start of a commercial film production. With the help of the Carbon Film Quote, it is very easy to plan not only the CO2 emissions incurred, but also CO2-saving production alternatives at the same time.

This app is the first in the world, that allows producers to plan their TV commercial shooting in a more sustainable way and leave a positive impact for the world. It also enables them to strengthen their environmental and social responsibility, in an industry that is often forgotten when it comes to emissions.



The advertising and film industry is a major CO2 polluter and the most energy-consuming creative industry in the world: every year, over 11,000 TV commercials are shot worldwide. That makes about 20,000 shooting days, 30 million air miles and about 1.6 billion US dollars.

What has been completely ignored so far is that about 200,000 tonnes of CO2 are also produced in the process.

Film production goes through a number of processes, each of which generates hefty Co2 emissions: Pre-production, during production and post-production. To give producers the opportunity to act more sustainably and become environmentally conscious, we developed the CUT!CO2 app.

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Within all phases of film production (pre-production, during production and post-production): there are many different emissions: whether the journey to the filming location, the equipment, catering, the energy consumed there or the crew itself. That’s why we developed the world’s first app with a CO2 calculator for TV spots.

The intelligent and complex software automatically calculates for the user all the information needed to plan the shoot. In the app, not only the phases are used to calculate the CO! fingerprint, but also other categories, such as the number of flights, rail journeys, road journeys, taxi journeys or hotel nights. Within the app, these categories and criteria can be further grouped, for example by talent, production company, advertising agency or brand.



Thus, we enabled a fast and easy-to-use mobile application that allows the instant calculation of the film production’s carbon footprint.

Besides measuring CO2 emissions, another key feature was to create transparency, as many people are not aware of where and how much CO2 is produced. This now helps users to identify hotspots that they had not suspected before and to take action.

The crux of the matter is that not only do film producers themselves contribute to emission reduction and strengthen their ecological and social responsibility, but they also influence the suppliers they use. This pressure in turn has an impact on other industries and leads to a sequential reaction – in a positive way.


  • Mobile native iOS application
  • Intelligent calculator tool for CO2 emissions
  • Categorizing, grouping, planning & defining CO2 emission hotspots
  • Connected to Atmosfair-API

Key Results

  • Complex but easy to use tool for CO2 emissions
  • Sophisticated software in the back with user-friendly interface
  • Planning projects, implementing categories, forming groups
  • Identifying CO2 emission hotpots
  • First app for the reduction of CO2 in the TV commercial production in the world

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