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In this category we show our projects from the field of websites, portals & CMS


Campaign Creatives and Landingpage

Insurances are a great invention of mankind and in many areas they are a life saver. But spending money on something intangible for a worst case scenario is not an easy sell. This campaign takes a new angle and wraps a boring topic in a fun experience.


Content Collect Social Media App

Most organizations face the same problem regarding their social media content: Obtaining interesting content for posts is hard. On the one hand it can’t just be professionally produced by an agency because that is expensive and often perceived as fake – on the other hand real insights from employees or team members are rare. This app solves the problem.


R+V Online Game World

For the insurance company “R+V Versicherungen” we produced a series of Browser games. They were fun for users and made sense for the insurance since one e. g. trained mental health - which means lower costs for the insurance.


Secret Santa AR Couponing

Secret Santa is an augmented reality game that draws customers to a point in the real world where they can find, choose and swap presents.


TUI TravelStarter App & Website

For some people no gift is greater than a dream journey. For some young people, however, it is hard to afford. TUI TravelStarter is the solution: create a journey, share via link and social media – and anyone can contribute to the journey in "miles". And if you like, book additional extras as a gift – this is how dream journeys come true!