What drives us

We work because we love what we do and we are seeking like-minded individuals!

That’s why we’re in it. To stretch, to think big, to stumble, to get back up, to never stop until we not only solve a problem but create something transformational. Our passionate teams are made from different disciplines and backgrounds because diverse minds don’t think like — they think bigger, together.

What we need you for

We are looking for engineers in our R&D Innovation Lab (IoT & Robotics) to drive the next generation of IoT products. Our products are tailored to client needs. We work with wide range of clients.

In R&D team you will work with engineers from different background coming together to make the solutions in IoT and Robotics area.

As an Embedded Systems Engineer you will be responsible for following tasks.

  • Convert ideas into prototypes.
  • Coordinate with team and assist the team with hardware support for IoT & Robotics solution.
  • Understand the requirement and recommend the hardware stack and approaches.
  • Work on the proposed hardware stack and assist the development team.

Apart from this role, you will be working with external partners and support them for small scale manufacturing of MVP and Prototypes. Our Innovation Lab continuously experiments with technologies in various domain and you will be expected to learn/unlearn new concepts for prototypes.

What you bring to the table

  • 4+ years of experience in Embedded system
  • Strong C/C++ in Embedded and RTOS
  • Must be familiar with Xigbee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Must be comfortable leveraging development boards, actuators, sensors, digital display for quick prototyping
  • Good knowledge of Kernel and Device drivers.
  • Deep understanding of hardware-software integrations and working
  • Must have experience working with ARM controllers.
  • Must be familiar working with hobbyist boards – Arduino, raspberry pi, ESP series boards.
  • Must be familiar with Git control
  • Must have experience working with RabbitMQ, mqtt, REST, websockets
  • Must have experience working in production environment
  • Good written and verbal skills in English
  • Good communication skills
  • Good to have PCB designing skills. (Only prototypes)
  • Good to have experience with VOIP
  • Good to have server-side understanding

Reasons for THIS IS! Digital Media Group


We are a worldwide team of passionate developers, project managers, and designers that create outstanding custom digital solutions for mobile devices, VR/AR headsets, browsers, and voice systems.


  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Possibility of Home Office, Remote Work, and Work & Travel
  • Casual and friendly work environment, T-shirt and jeans are welcome
  • Work-related education in new topics like Blockchain, Virtual Reality, BigData, AI and IoT
  • Sick leave and annual leave
  • And more to offer


At THIS IS! DMG, we want to work with professional and smart individuals that are interested in increasing their skills and create perfect solutions. We are focused and driven by our mission to provide the best solutions for our customers in every project.

Work Environment

You’re an individual person and a future expert in your field! That is why we try to offer everyone an environment where they can concentrate on their work. That's why we offer health insurance, learning allowance, and a kitchen full of food for everyone. It's not only this - We are also interested in what we can do for you to let you concentrate on your work and personal development. Some things we are maybe already offering but we are also willing to talk about new ideas and improvements.

Not sure if you found your perfect job opportunity?

If you can’t find a job profile or a location that fits you, just apply anyway. We support remote work and can sometimes create job openings to match our candidates.

And now: time for the application