Augmented Reality

In this category we show projects from the field of augmented reality

Augmented Reality Nature App

Augmented Reality Nature App

Nature is fun and discovery all the more. So why not combine the two and give users a great augmented reality experience!


Virtual Reality Publishing DMG Studio

DMG Studio is a software to prepare three-dimensional files such as CAD-files for Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality Devices.


Augmented Reality Meeting Zone Game

Meeting zone is an Augmented Reality game that makes team-building easier by letting employees challenge each other to a fun game.


Secret Santa AR Couponing

Secret Santa is an augmented reality game that draws customers to a point in the real world where they can find, choose and swap presents.


Nintendo Monster Hunter Tri

For the release of the game “Monster Hunter Tri” Nintendo launched a micro-website on which users could experience the characters of the game in an exciting and impressive way with augmented reality technology.